Are you divorcing and worried about money and damage to your kids?

I’ve been there, I get it. Here’s some tools and information that will help.

Is this you?

  • Want to get divorced without making costly mistakes
  • Just starting the process and already overwhelmed
  • Confused about things like who gets what, should you stay in the house, how much child support or alimony will you get and what’s the best for your kids?
  • Would love to be able to stop crying all the damn time
  • Have no idea how you are going to make ends meet
  • Divorced by struggling to move on and rebuild your mojo
  • Want to stop getting so triggered by whatever bs your ex is doing
  • Have put your kids first for so long, you have forgotten how to take good care of yourself
  • Online dating and creating a Tinder profile sounds terrifying
  • Feel lost and not sure who you are now or who you want to be next
  • Want so badly to be able to trust your gut and find love again one day

Hi, I’m Heather!

I love success stories.

When I was going through my own devastating divorce, success stories saved me.

My favorite were stories of women who overcame divorce to emerge stronger than before.

I remember thinking if I could come out of that dark time like those women had, I’d be unstoppable.

Welp, there are no stop signs on my horizon and I can’t wait to help you feel the same way.

As a Divorce Coach and Divorce Recovery and Transition Coach, I use what I learned going through my own painful divorce and recovery, as well as my background in teaching and expertise in habit change, to help my clients overcome a truly challenging time with more confidence, clarity and courage.

I help my clients create their own inspiring divorce and recovery stories that include a legacy of healthier relationships and badass coping skills!

Coaching Services

Complimentary Discovery Call

  • You share what’s going on now and some divorce challenges you are facing
  • You tell me what you want to be different
  • I tell you how I support clients and what it’s like to work with me
  • We decide if we are a good fit and set our next steps

Wayfinder Divorce Coaching Program

  • Save money and time by avoiding common mistakes
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Reduce conflict while standing up for yourself and your kids
  • Minimize damage to your kids
  • Be more confident and in control
  • Get organized and prepared to make the best decisions for YOU
  • Divorce tasks broken down into manageable pieces and support to complete them
  • Guidance and review of your texts, email and documents
  • Full access to my professional referral network of top-tier attorneys, financial advisors, mortgage lenders, realtors,  therapists, stylists, and personal trainers
  • Perfect for moms who want comprehensive, start to finish divorce support to be confident they are doing their best for themselves and their kids

Transcend Divorce Coaching Program

  • Build your confidence, know you are enough and worthy of love just as you are
  • Stay openhearted even if you’ve been hurt
  • Stop caring so much about what your ex is doing (or not doing)
  • Trust yourself more when it comes to dating
  • Be the kind of parent your kids need after divorce
  • Find purposeful work
  • Immediate access to my online content designed just for moms like you who want to let go, move on and level up your life and relationships
  • Full access to my professional referral network of financial advisors, career coaches, therapists, home organizers, and personal trainers
  • Perfect for women who are committed to having healthier relationships, increasing their self-love and being the best possible version of themselves

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