When you work with me, you know you are getting an experienced Educator and Coach who has been through the divorce wringer. I bring a deep knowledge of habit change to help you achieve more peace and amazing personal growth.

Wayfinder Divorce Coaching

In our 1:1 coaching sessions that are specific to your situation, we get straight to your current divorce challenges and desired outcomes.

With guided support, I help you navigate the confusing (and expensive) divorce process with clarity, confidence and courage.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from divorce coaching:

  • Get support to take control of an overwhelming process
  • Find your voice and use it
  • Be better informed about legal processes and your rights
  • Be your best during a tough time
  • Be proud of how you handled the challenge
  • Develop better coping skills to deal with stress and anxiety

Transcend Divorce Program

After building a rock solid foundation with my WAYFINDER divorce coaching sessions, I help you TRANSCEND divorce in this 3 month program.

Transcend includes customized coaching and a program designed to help you build your trust and confidence so you can have the healthy relationships you deserve.

Some of the results my Transcend clients have created:

  • Healthy communication patterns in new relationships
  • Increased confidence at work and at play
  • Strong relationships with kids and trust in parenting skills and instincts
  • Financial independence
  • More peaceful co-parenting relationships
  • Less bitterness and more ability to enjoy life again
  • More resilience and ability to ‘surf the waves’ of life

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Heather helped me manage my mind and stop my negative thought spiral. It was like getting a superpower.


My husband left me after 16 years of marriage. I was destroyed, scared, unsure of who I was without him, crying constantly. By the end of my work with Heather I found my self confidence and self worth. . . With her help, I was able to grow into the strong independent woman I was meant to be.


I didn’t even know divorce coaching was a thing! Heather was a very bright spot in a dim time of my life. . . I’d highly recommend coaching with Heather and I hope to meet her and give her a big hug one day.


Heather helped me set healthy boundaries so that I could focus on my healing and growth. Through my work with her, I have been able to let go of my anger and find closure.